Kick Him Out

Kick Him Out


This is one devil you need to kick out of your life immediately, THE YEAH – BUT DEVIL

The word of God gives you a promise about some area of your life. But then this devil come to speak in your ear, yeah – but. You are healed – yeah, but…. You are delivered – yeah, but…Success and prosperity are yours – yeah, but…..You are anointed – yeah, but……..God will restore – yeah, but……etc etc etc etc.

Time to kick some devil butt and turn the tables on this yeah but devil. When he comes with doubt concerning the promises of God – you quote the word of God back to him until faith rises in your spirit to crowd out all doubt. Don’t back off! The victory is yours! Your fight is the good fight of faith. It’s a “good fight” because you win. You are more than conquerors through Christ who loves you.”

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