If you are a true apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is not whether you will be tempted with pride, but when and how.

Using Paul as one whose life and apostolic ministry we teach apostolic principles and patterns from, we can see that this is something he had to deal with.

Apostles are leaders, that depending on their “metron” (measure of rule) walk in higher levels of authority, rank, gifting, wisdom, boldness, anointing, revelation, etc. All of this is for the purpose of advancing God’s Kingdom and building up His church in the earth.

The apostle Paul walked in abundant revelation, had a glorious 3rd heaven encounter, was bold and anointed, a wise master builder, etc etc.

But God allowed a thorn in the flesh to be assigned to him to keep him from a place of pride that could have derailed his ministry if he had yielded to it.

Others may have a different point of view on this, but personally I am convinced it was the Judaisers from the church in Jerusalem that were the “thorn” as they went behind Paul tearing down his message of New Covenant righteousness and grace, and preaching that Gentile believers must first accept the Old Covenant law of Moses before they can be come to Christ and be saved.

When Paul pleaded with the Lord 3 times for the “thorn” to be removed, the Lord said His grace was sufficient for him and His power was made perfect in weakness.

God did not remove the “thorn.” If He had, Paul’s ministry might have derailed because of pride.

In God’s wisdom, the “thorn” was allowed in order to keep him on track with his destiny.

Just think of what we in the church of Jesus Christ have today and are able to walk in as a result of the revelation that came through the Apostle Paul.

Let us as apostles of God, seek to walk in love and humility, even as we advance the Kingdom in power and boldness, and ask the Lord to show us any hidden areas of pride that would require heaven to allow a “thorn” to be assigned to us.

God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. We all need grace. And apostolic leaders need mega-grace to accomplish their assignments. Mega-grace requires mega-humility.

True apostolic “lion” boldness must flow from authentic “lamb” brokenness and humility.

As much as apostolic leaders are to walk in resurrection power, they also must remain near the cross.

And as much as apostolic leaders receive, preach and teach revelation, that revelation must also come through the “hermeneutic filter” of the cross. If it doesn’t, it can have the potential to become perverted.

May we all walk in the humility of Christ, and may the Lord show us any blind-spots we cannot see.

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