Since I began my new career as an “Apostolic Rapper” at my ministry session at the Kingdom Innovation 2011 Conference, I found out that RAP was in the Bible.

Check it out: Habakkuk 3:1 “A prayer of Habakkuk the prophet on Shigionoth.” Shigi…what??? SHIGIONOTH!!! In Hebrew it simply means a Dithyramb. A Dithy…what?? A DITHYRAMB!!! In other words, “a rambling poem” and “an irregular poetic expression; a frenzied, impassioned choric hymn and dance; a wild enthusiastic piece of speech or writing; a usually short poem in a wild, inspired irregular strain.”

So biblically then, it probably means a psalm with music expressive of strong emotion, “erratic” or “dithyrambic.” Habakkuk’s title, on Shigionoth then would mean upon, or “set to” music of psalms of this sort.

Shigionoth is also found at the intro to Psalm 7. So I think we could safely say that Habakkuk and David knew how to “THROW DOWN.” For sure we already know that that was in David’s resume (remember his wife Michal – the hater – she couldn’t stand his wild dancing and got cursed).

So for all the haters out there who want to preach against RAP MUSIC – you’re too late. I got the Bible on it. That’s good enough for me. Can I get an AMEN out there in Facebook land?

PS: More revelation and teaching coming on this subject later. I have a lot more that I have researched and compiled. Its pretty exciting stuff.

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