There’s an old adage that says “choose your battles wisely.” And one battle that I’m engaged in on a regular basis is with the religious spirit. I cannot stand this spirit and am fed up with its destructive effect on emerging leaders, along with many others. It works with witchcraft, deception, seduction, control and manipulation. It seeks to imprison you in a box of limitations to keep you manageable, or enslave you on the plantation for personal gain. It wants to keep the church at status quo – not progressing forward. It will quench your creativity and innovation.

It will stifle your dreams and cloud your vision. It doesn’t care about your life or your future. It wants to derail your journey to destiny. And attempts to close every open door of opportunity you have along the way. It always says wait – wait – wait – wait, and then after you have waited and waited, it says – now you’ve waited too long – ha ha ha, you’re washed up now. I hate this spirit!! If you’re more concerned at this point because I used the slang “kick ass” in my title, then maybe you need deliverance from this spirit. Somebody better back up off of me!!! I ain’t playing!

I have seen this pattern over and over again for more than 30 years – and it’s always the same. IT IS WITCHCRAFT! The Apostle Paul had to deal with this spirit in the Church of the Galatians. In Galatians 3:1 he is so upset he says “You foolish Galatians – WHO HAS BEWITCHED YOU????” He says what is wrong with you? How can you let yourselves come under this spell? This is witchcraft! You started in the Spirit, and now you want to try and perfect your salvation through the flesh? You see, Paul had been building them up with the message of New Covenant grace in Christ – the “good news” revelation he had received from Jesus Christ.

But then after he would leave, Judaisers from the Jerusalem Church would come, saying they had letters of commendation from James or the Jerusalem elders, and preach a contrary message to enslave them back to the law, telling them they could not be saved unless they came in through the law of Moses and got circumcised first. He said in 5:7 “You were running a good race – WHO CUT IN ON YOU???”

Paul is so filled with righteous indignation he says in 1:8 “LET ANY MAN OR ANGEL PREACHING ANOTHER GOSPEL BE DAMNED ETERNALLY!!!” In 5:12 Paul says “I wish those who are disturbing you might also GET THEMSELVES CASTRATED!: (HCSB Version) Wow – that is pretty strong language he is using. Paul is saying these jokers need to cut off they own…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please DO NOT ALLOW this religious spirit operating through people to keep you from the truth, NOR to derail your destiny and future. As you can see, I’m pretty stirred up here this morning, BUT I FEEL AN ANOINTING FROM THE HOLY GHOST while writing this, and I want to pray for some of you who need this spell broken off of your lives:

Father, in Jesus mighty Name I take authority over this deceptive destructive religious spirit that has held anyone captive reading this post, and I command it to loose you NOW. I break the power of its spell off of your mind and your spirit. May the Spirit of Truth invade your mind and make you free right now – and let the anointing break every ungodly yoke of witchcraft!!!

I command your darkness to flee and pray the light would now flood your being, and that the revelation of who you are in Christ and what you destiny is in Christ would now replace all deceptive lies of the enemy. Let all confusion now leave, and let great clarity now come to their minds regarding their future and their purpose in Christ.

I DECLARE YOUR DELIVERANCE AND FREEDOM IN CHRIST AND DECREE THAT 2014 WILL BE THE YEAR WHERE THE THIEF NOW FOUND MUST RESTORE 7 TIMES. Father – do a work of acceleration by your Spirit and take those now free quickly to the place where they are supposed in this season concerning their destiny. Thank you Father. In Jesus Name!!! AMEN! LET IT BE SO!!

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