With the rise of homosexuality in Full Gospel, Pentecostal, Baptist, and other churches, let me pitch this idea to you as to why it may be on the increase, and why it is even affecting many bishops and other leaders in some organizations.

Apostolic succession is a doctrine in some circles that teaches in order to be a proper “consecrated bishop” you have to be able to have it done with a denomination or group that can somehow trace their “apostolic” lineage of bishops all the way back to the “first bishop of Rome – Peter” or basically to the original 12.

It is taught that if you do not have this “spiritual pedigree” you are not considered a true bishop in the church of Jesus Christ. So you have to either be directly connected to the Catholic Church or one of its offshoots that broke off but still can claim “apostolic succession.”

Many today pay a lot of money to obtain this “pedigree” and receive their “bishop’s consecration.” They want to claim “apostolic succession.” They want to portray themselves therefore as being “authentic” bishops. Even some now in apostolic circles – apostles – are being seduced into this. I saw on one guys website, his whole 2000 year apostolic succession lineage.

But here is the problem. The issues of gay priests and bishops in the Catholic abusing boys is not just something from this generation. When you read the history of the Catholic Church, this has been a practice for over 1000 years. Many of the popes practiced this, along with the Cardinals, Arch-bishops, Bishops and priest for centuries. This is not conspiracy theory. These are hard-core historical facts.

Some of these practices have also been tied into idolatry – queen of heaven worship, and other detestable practices that are not of the kingdom of God. The spirit of homosexuality has been in the Catholic Church for more than a millennium.

Fast forward to today. You now have Full Gospel, Pentecostal, Baptist and other leaders wanting this “bishop’s consecration” with “apostolic succession” validation. But they don’t even realize all the 1000 year plus”spiritual baggage” that is coming with it – including the spirit of homosexuality and idolatry.

Now I’m not saying that everyone who receives this bishop’s “consecration” is ending up gay. But what I am saying – or asking, is this: is it possible that there is a spiritual correlation? Is there a connection? Was the “consecration” actually an “initiation” into something they never expected or even wanted?

I think this is something that should seriously be examined and evaluated. Why on earth would a leader need that kind of validation – to want to trace your spiritual lineage through backslidden, evil, idolatrous, practicing homosexual bishops? Now again, I’m not saying all of them were, but do the Google research yourself – many of them were.

I know this is going to be very controversial and probably won’t get too many likes, and I’m sorry if it offended anyone, but I felt I needed to write it. I’m not asking you to necessarily agree with me, but to please consider it. Perhaps some leaders need to pray and see if they actually need to break some “vows” made in order to break free of the initiation they freely submitted to.

Something too think about.

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