It was my privilege to be one of 70 apostolic leaders to write a chapter for this just published 5-volume first Anthology of Apostleship in history, compiled and edited by Dr. Bruce Cook.  ALIGNING WITH THE APOSTOLIC has Forewords by Dr. C. Peter Wagner, Dr. Lance Wallnau and others, along with Endorsements by Apostle John Eckhardt, Dr. Chuck Pierce and more. My chapter is in Volume 4 with the title Apostolic Innovation: Leadership Requires Creativity.  This set is now available on in print or e-book. I would highly recommend the e-book format. That way you can always have it on your devise as a reference. Here’s some more about the book:

Written by Seventy Apostles and Apostolic Leaders from around the world and across the Seven Mountains of Culture, this is a pioneering, groundbreaking study and practical application and demonstration of the role and function of modern apostles in both the marketplace and the ecclesiastical realm, and the apostolic movement sweeping the earth.

This historic, five-volume series is edited by Dr. Bruce Cook, with Forewords by Drs. Peter Wagner, Bill Hamon, Lance Wallnau, Paula Price, Gordon Bradshaw, John Muratori and other leading apostles such as Rich Marshall, Lynn Scarborough, Johnny Enlow, and Kent Humphreys.

The anthology also includes endorsements from John Eckhardt, Chuck Pierce, Elisabeth Cochrane, Elizabeth Hairston and numerous others.

Contributing Authors include Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner, Kent Humphreys, Tommi Femrite, Alice Patterson, Stephanie Klinzing, Joseph Umidi, Joseph Mattera, Mark Pfeifer, Sharon Billins, Jon Grieser, Ray Hughes, Axel Sippach, Al Caperna, Tom Webb, Ken Beaudry, Tim Hamon, John Anderson, Mark Kauffman, Ed Turose, Dennis Wiedrick, Lorne Tebbutt, Gayle Rogers, Candace Long, Paul Cuny, Dick and Arleen Westerhof, Christopher James, Daniel Geraci, Gordon Bradshaw, John Muratori, Paula Price, LaRue Adkinson, Larry Tyler, Fernando Guillen, Lee Ann Marino, Max Greiner Jr., Tim Taylor, Charlie Fisher, Doug Atha, Laurie Boyd, Kari Browning, Lloyd Phillips, Kluane Spake, Stan DeKoven, Tony Dale, Philip Byler, Michael Scantlebury, Curtis Gillespie, Stan Jeffery, Gary Beaton, Wende Jones, Carl White Jr., Erik Kudlis, John Burpee, Robert Henderson, Bob Cathers, Nick Castellano, Duncan Campbell, David Andrade, Ted Baehr, Berin Gilfillan, A.L. (Papa) Gill, Henry Falany, Michelle Morrison, James Nesbit, Cal Pierce, Walt Pilcher, Morris Ruddick, Mark Henderson, and Bruce Cook.