With all these experts out there – who has really got it right? I just heard Dr. Sanjay Gupta and another young doctor on CNN now say supplementing with vitamins and minerals really don’t help you – in fact taking too much could hurt you.

Then you got Oprah’s guy Dr. Oz and many others pitching every kind of supplement imaginable from raspberry fat busters to all kinds of stuff.

So who are you supposed to listen to? Years ago we were told butter would kill us and to use margarine instead. Now they tell us margarine is a trans-fat that will kill us, and butter is much better source of fat.

Then they told us too many eggs will kill us – especially those nasty egg yolks – get rid of them and just eat egg whites – yuk 3 times – that’s nasty. Now they say eggs – whites and yolks is one of the best sources of protein and many vitamins and minerals you can eat.

Then they told us too much coffee will kill us. Now they say coffee is a great antioxidant and will help stimulate your brain so you don’t get stuck on stupid. My goodness – does anyone know what they are talking about?

They told us sugar was so bad for us – take saccharin, NutraSweet, Splenda etc etc. Now they say that stuff will kill you, and raw sugar in moderation is better. What about chocolate? Oh – its bad for you. Now – dark chocolate is sold as a supplement in the nutrition stores. Go figure. Do these experts with their supposed clinical trials really know what they are talking about.

Experts say we are eating to much fat – just stick to fruits and veggies and lean white meat – and you’ll live a long life. Now we have the paleo-diet – eat like a caveman – all the red meat you want – but it has to be grass-fed. Veggies vs red meat? You got to choose.

But then what do you do with the Eskimos whose primary diet is seal and whale meat and blubber/fat? Not too many fresh veggies and fruits above the arctic circle unless you’re near a grocery store that imports it.

We were told all alcohol is bad for you – gonna kill you in the long run. Now they say a couple of glasses of red wine daily will actually prolong your life – in moderation of course. Its all about the Mediterranean diet. And then if you don’t drink alcohol – there’s that amazing resveratrol supplement made from the red wine in condensed form Oz has been pushing – that’ll help you make a 100.

So all of the experts are continually contradicting themselves on diet, supplements, exercise, etc etc.

What are you to do? Well, I am no expert, but let me throw my 2 cents into the mix.

If you are a Christian, your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. So if He is living inside of you, He will lead and guide you into all truth – including what is best for your Temple. You’re body knows best what it needs. One day a computer chip (666 – I know) placed under your skin will be connected via wireless to your smart phone telling you your vitals, what vitamin or mineral or amino acid you are deficient in.

But in the meantime, listen to your body and listen to the Holy Spirit. He will help you, and through researching this stuff on Google according to what you feel you might need, He will show what is right for you and what is not. And of course, discuss those things with your doctor (my disclaimer – LOL).

Personally, I have been able to “fix” several health issues in my body this way. You know as you get older,, you need all the help you can get – LOL. And I did it just by what I mentioned in the previous point.

I believe supplements can really help you. But I also believe many of us are probably over-doing it and just making these supplement manufacturers rich. But overall, we are probably not getting all the nutrients previous generations got out of food because of mineral depleted soils even if we eat all our fruits and veggies.

Case in point: to get all the potassium the FDA says you need daily, you would have to eat at least I think 10 avocados or 5-6 bananas minimum daily. Who does that? Yet potassium is incredibly important for your heart and a host of other things. So a good multi-vitamin would probably be a good thing to start taking just to cover a lot of bases.

But beyond that, listen to your body, and listen to the Holy Spirit. As many that are led by the Spirit, they are the sons and daughters of God. God is your Father. He wants you to live a long and blessed life as you pursue Him and His destiny for your life. He has a vested interest in helping you do this. Just ask Him.

PS: If I have lost you in this post, it is a clear sign you need to head down to Starbucks and get a Grande Cappuccino -with soy milk of course.

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