We as believers realize that different types of mental illnesses that affect adversely people such as schizophrenia, bi-polar and others do have a spiritual aspect to them, and that deliverance is a part of the process to wholeness.

But sometimes in the church, we are “too spiritual” to also understand the medical ramifications of these illnesses, and that medication, whether pharmaceutical or nutritional with supplements, along with counseling and other therapies may be needed for a season for those suffering from these conditions to stabilize long enough to “walk out their deliverance” and see more long lasting freedom.

I believe its important to keep in mind the end desired result is wholeness. And for many suffering with mental illness, the brain is not functioning correctly causing their thoughts not to connect correctly and consequently making a lot of bad decisions that really can mess up their lives and others.

Many of those suffering can lead relatively normal and productive lives on medication because it balances out chemical deficiencies in the brain. I do believe many times deliverance ministry is appropriate, and that long term healing and wholeness can be achieved, just as healings and miracles can happen with physical sickness.

There seems to be a dramatic increase in mental illness in America, and it is very important for the church to have a holistic approach to it. I believe God can heal the brain just as he can heal any part of the body.

I believe under a physician’s supervision, patients could gradually go off their medication after they have successfully received deliverance, gone through counseling, are pursuing a deeper spiritual walk with God through discipleship, developing healthy relationships for support and implementing things like eating right, excercise and possibly taking natural supplements if necessary. Many have that testimony.

I wrote this piece because I believe we need to have a plan to be able to successfully help those who come into churches needing a lot of help in this area. And I believe a holistic approach such as what I have shared here is extremely valid to consider. Let us not be “too spiritual” and see people in need fall through the cracks because we don’t want to look at various options toward wholeness for them.

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