An old story has a husband asking his wife, “Honey, why do you cut off the ends of a roast before you cook it?” “Because my mother did it that way,” she responded with a smile. Curious, the husband called the wife’s mother and asked her the same question. When she gave an identical answer, he called his wife’s grandmother. The moment the elderly matron heard the question she laughed and said, “I don’t know why they cut off the ends of the roast, but I did it that way because a full roast wouldn’t fit in my pan.”

Some traditions are started for a particular purpose, but over time lose their usefulness. And so it is also with the church. Some practices were useful for a particular generation, but were not meant for every subsequent generation. It is critical that we do not fall more in love with our delivery systems in church than the ONE it pertains to. Delivery systems may change, but the MESSAGE is eternal. Every generation must be innovative in creating relevant delivery systems that reach and effectively engage contemporary culture for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Many churches stop growing because they continue to rely on outdated delivery systems that have not worked for years. They are so in love with their traditions, that they no longer have ears to hear concerning new creativity and innovation that can get them unstuck and back to being relevant and growing. God says in Psalms 92 that we are to be anointed with fresh oil, and we are to be fresh and flourishing. New wine can only successfully be contained in a new wine-skin. He said: “behold, I make all things new.” He said He would do a new thing, and tell you about it before it springs forth. Innovation is about new things and ideas that bring new life where stubborn tradition is bringing a slow death. ~Apostle Axel Sippach

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